Our Testimonies


Because of being born into a Christian family, and a missionary one at that, I had heard about God and Jesus all my life. It wasn’t until we were on our second furlough when I was 6 that I realized how personal God could be. My mom was teaching a CEF class and was illustrating the gospel with the Wordless Book. As she explained about the black, I realized my heart was black with sin. I realized also that I could have a white/pure heart if I accepted Jesus as my Savior. That night, during our family devotions, I asked my parents if they would help me to accept Jesus into my heart. They helped me pray the sinner’s prayer and I became a Christian.


I was raised in a Christian home and since my dad was a Brethren in Christ pastor, church became like a second home for our family. When I was 8, I prayed with my Sunday school teacher to receive Jesus as my Savior. Shortly following my conversion, I was baptized, by immersion, into​ the family of God and joined our church in membership. However, not much changed in my life after that, as I continued to go to church regularly with my family. It was not until ​my sophomore year at Messiah College where I was challenged with the question, “Is Jesus Christ Lord of your life?” During ​that year I grew a lot, deepening my relationship with Christ and eventually rededicating my life to Christ, this time not only accepting ​H​is gift of salvation to me, but receiving Him as Lord of my life.​

Statement of Faith

  • We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and is the sole source for our faith and practice. As the word of a perfect God, it is without error.
  • We believe that Jesus is fully God and existed with God the Father before the creation of the world. We also believe that He was fully man, having been born to a virgin.
  • We believe that Jesus died on the Cross to bear the punishment of sin for all men and was raised to life for the salvation of all who will believe in Him.
  • We believe that at salvation, the Holy Spirit fills the believer and give to each person with one or more spiritual gifts to be used to encourage the body of Christ and glorify God. Additionally, the Holy Spirit works in the believer to make them more like Christ.
  • We believe that following a genuine confession of faith, the believer is eternally secure.
  • We believe that our hope is in the imminent return of Jesus and the resurrection of all believers to eternity with Christ and unbelievers to eternal punishment.